La banque de votre projet


The National Bank for Economic Development was created in 1967, 5 years after the country’s political independence with a very specific mission: To solve the country’s economic development problems, mainly in rural areas, by financing small and medium-sized enterprises but also microcredits. When it was created, the Public Authorities had a vision of acquiring an instrument for financing development projects to support the young economy of a country that had become politically mature. Also taking part in this noble project were the friends of Burundi and the former tutors, namely Belgium through the Directorate General for Development Cooperation and Germany through the KFW. France is also involved via the AFD as well as the whole of Europe through the European Investment Bank.

To be effective, this institution was given management autonomy and full powers. It could, on its own behalf or that of third parties, carry out operations such as the mobilization of internal and/or external resources for the realization of investments and the financing of all banking operations; the promotion of companies in accordance with and according to national development plans. development ; direct or indirect technical assistance to existing companies or companies to be created, particularly in terms of finding solutions relating to organisation, operation and management.